Qualification Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old.
Must be a running or multisport athlete.
Must have influence with athletes in and around your community.
Must complete 5-8 races each season (of any running or multi-sport distance).
Must actively use various Social Media outlets.
Must be able to recruit volunteers for Rip It Events.
Must be able to participate in most Rip It Events in 2017.
Must be willing to promote Rip It Events, 24/7!

Receive FREE entry into all Rip It Events.
Receive a 10% discount code that can be shared with friends and family to increase participation at events.
Receive a discount on Rip It sponsor products/services/stores.
Receive custom RIP TEAM RUNNING top.
Receive custom RIP TEAM TRI KIT, top & bottom (if applicable).
Announced as a member of the 2017 Ambassador Team via Social Media, website and press release.
How To Apply:
If you are interested in becoming a Ambassador, please complete the application form. Be sure to include information about yourself, your endurance running journey, the groups you influence, social media mediums you actively use, and why you would make a great Ambassador