Style & Philosophy

Rip It Coaching is specifically for novice to intermediate athletes, who are looking for guidance and an objective eye to help them achieve their athletic goals and personal excellence. Rip It Coaching will only taking on honest, self-motivated, individuals who will put in the time & energy required for athletic improvement and personal excellence.

Rip It Coaching plans are unique and customized to each client, reflecting your unique needs as both an athlete and also a working individual with your own demanding life.
Clients will receive the following:

Free TrainingPeaks Account
Monthly training program
Weekly Email Communication
Once a month personal session (meeting)
Client Description
This one-on-one training program is for novices and intermediate athletes. Clients can be trained for a single or multi-sport race.

Novice – Novice multi-sport athletes usually begin with a 5K, sprint triathlon, or duathlon. At this level, the participant is still becoming acquainted with the rules and the feel of the race. Athletes may or may not be proficient in one or more areas of their race.

Intermediate – At an intermediate level, the athlete has become more familiar with the race itself. They may have a good grip or have mastered one area of the race and do adequately with the other two.

Our coaching philosophy is simple. We believe in building a strong aerobic endurance base to perform well on race day. Strong aerobic base or foundation is paramount, and all future success will be dependent on your body and metabolism becoming as efficient as possible. Additionally, we believe in listening to the body’s feedback, and allowing this feedback to prescribe your upcoming training and race schedule.

Rip It Coaching uses Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) as a system for training. This method is a 1- 5 scale for programmed training