Coaching Training Plans – How it works

Step 1: Initial Athlete Start-up Forms: First the athlete will fill out an questionnaire that will describe the athlete’s current athletic fitness level and training history, family and employment commitments, past injuries, equipment, training facility information, etc.

Step 2: Telephone or Face to Face Consultation: A telephone conversation or face to face conversation to discuss the information gathered and plan the upcoming season is required. For an athlete to get the most out of the program, it’s important for a coach to get to know each and every one of their athletes on a personal level.

Step 3: The Training Plan: The athlete will receive a detailed training schedule. This will include customized workouts for each session. Each weekly plan is broken down into individual day to day session plans that can be expanded to see the whole workout.

Step 4: Adjustments to the Plan: As the program progresses, adjustments are made to the plan and tailored for each and every athlete.